No-Pressure Cookbook

Instant Pot No Pressure Cookbook

My latest cookbook came out in May 2018 via St. Martin’s Press and offers 100 new and creative pressure cooking recipes. Take your Instant Pot to the next level!

Click the image to learn more and order your copy.

4 thoughts on “No-Pressure Cookbook

  1. Laurel, What size Instant Pot are you using for the recipes in your 2016 book? (I have the 6Qt, but sometimes it seems too small for the recipes.) Debbie


  2. Hi Laurel, Enjoy your instant pot cookbook. Got a question Page 100 Mushroom And Chicken Sausage Risotto. At what point do you return the sausage to the pot? I don’t read the step anywhere! Thanks in advance for your response….


    1. Hi Reenie! Yes, copy-editing error, sorry about that! I add the sausage back after pressure cooking, but it’ll work either way. Enjoy!


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